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5 ways to help kids to sleep better at night

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We all know very well that our kids night sleep quality plays an important role on our relaxing night.

Your heart may swell with love when you watch your baby sleeping. They look so sweet and innocent. Your heart may race, though, when you can’t get them to stay asleep all night or at times when you really want them to nap or sleep.

You can ease your stress and better prepare to set your baby's sleep schedule by understanding which parts of their sleep routine are in your hands -- and which aren’t. Here are few tips that can help your baby to get a better sleep

1. Calm your baby

Why rocking + lullabies or white noise really can work for baby

“Making children feel sleepy requires decreasing their level of cortisol, the hormone that keeps them revved up and ready to go,” says pediatrician Maureen Ahmann, DO. “To decrease cortisol, calm their senses.”

Rocking your baby and singing a lullaby may be the best-known calming techniques, but any type of sensory soothing can work, says Dr. Ahmann. Try:

  • Swaddling (for infants).

  • Massage.

  • Any light, repetitive movement, like swaying or swinging.

  • Feeding (not until babies fall asleep, but just until they become drowsy).

  • Dimming the lights.

  • Playing soft music or tranquil sounds from a white noise machine or app. (Turn off the TV.)

“The key is removing stimulation and signaling the body that it’s time to rest,” says Dr. Ahmann.

For toddlers:

Reading books or meditate together is a great way to start mindful habit for your little human. If you would love to receive meditative stories for kids for better sleep, don't hesitate to join my Fb group where I upload kids stories weekly.

2. Bedtime Routine

Some parents start their baby's bedtime routine as early as 6 to 8 weeks old. Your baby's routine can be any combination of regular bedtime activities. The keys to success:

  • Play active games during the day and quiet games in the evening. This keeps your baby from getting too excited right before bedtime but gets them tired from the day's activities.

  • Keep activities the same and in the same order, night after night. (suggested 4B: bath, bottle, book and bed) . You can find your own routine that fits for your kids

  • Make every activity calm and peaceful, especially toward the end of the routine.

  • Many babies enjoy bathing right before bedtime, which calms them down.

  • Save your baby's favorite activity for last, and do it in their bedroom. This will help them look forward to bedtime and associate their sleep space with things they like to do.

  • Make nighttime conditions in your baby's bedroom consistent. If they wake up in the middle of the night, the sounds and lights in the room should be the same as when they fell asleep. If you need to feed or change your baby during the night, keep the lights low and the talking to a minimum. Too much stimulation can make it hard for them to settle again.

3. Meditate next to your kids bed with soft meditative music

After the bed routine for your baby, but he is still awaked. What should you do?? You should do nothing with him/her but sitting next to her bed and start your own evening routine, which is meditation.

If you find no time at all during a day to do meditation, it is the best time for you to try this routine. You will see how peaceful and quite ambiance that you bring to your kids bedtime. And it is amazingly effective to help your kids sleep quicker and better.

During this meditation time, you can play a soft meditative music to activate calm and peaceful frequency - Alpha and Theta waves from the brain of both of you . Would love to learn more abouth these frequencies :

4. Give yourself a break.

"If you listen to your best friend, a cousin, or a neighbor talk about how their baby was sleeping through the night at 2 months, you'll just get stressed. Tune out the unhelpful comparisons as much as you can. To solve your own baby's sleep issues, you'll need a bit of observation, a bit of trial and error, and a lot of flexibility. It's so easy to feel as if sleep will never get better, but it does constantly change. Just because you have a terrible sleeper at 2 months does not mean you're fated to have a terrible sleeper at 2 years." – Palmer

5. Take turns.

"If you have a partner, there's no reason both of you need to be awake every time the baby is. Maybe you go to bed at 10 p.m. and sleep until 2 a.m., and your partner sleeps the early-morning shift. Even if you wake to nurse, let your partner handle the diaper change before and soothe the baby after. This way you'll both get four or five hours of uninterrupted sleep–which makes all the difference." – Nalle

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