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5 Yoga Poses to feel enough

Does it sound like you, Moms?

  • You don’t have enough time for everything. You feel like you struggle with spending time with your kids and doing activities but also struggle with having time for yourself

  • You struggle doing anything for yourself because you can’t seem to make the time. You just don’t feel like there’s anytime.

  • You like doing Yoga but it is impossible now to find time with 2 kids

  • You don't have enough energy to play with your kids after your working time.

  • You can't even find 15 Minutes to stretch your body

It's time for you to feel enough, dear...

Don't waste any moments to stretch you out, Mamas. So many moments are wasted because we are focused on the wrong things. The to do list, the burden of our responsibilities, the overwhelm we are feeling, trying to escape the chaos in our head that is constantly spilling over into our emotions and actions. What do you find yourself focusing on the most?

I would recomment you try Yin Yoga to recharge your body and rewind your mind after a hectic day. Below is the quick 5 Yoga poses so that you can feel enough and treasure yourself in any moments, don't wait to have a lot of time to recharge yourself. It all starts from small action at any moments. Treasure all the moments you have to bring a significant change for your daily life.

  1. Knee to chest pose:

The knees to chest pose stretches and eases tension in the lower back and massages the abdominal organs. This pose reduces bloating, improves circulation and rebalances your energy.

This pose is a great pose to rewind your body and your mind after a hectic day, and a good chance to give yourself a big hug for everything you have done for your family and for yourself. Time to give yourself a little self-care moment to realise you have done enough for today.

How to do:

  • Lying on the back, draw the knees gently in toward the chest

  • Inhaling, release the knees slightly away from the chest;

  • Exhaling, hug them in.

  • As simple as this appears, take it easy on the lower back. Play with rocking side to side or moving the knees around in circles to explore releasing tension in the lower back

2. Child pose

  • Gently stretches the hips, thighs, and ankles

  • Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and fatigue

  • Relieves back and neck pain when done with head and torso supported

The stillness of the body helps us release all the stress from the day, bow our head to the earth to surrender and accept the reality that you deserve to take rest and recharge yourself in every moments.

How to do:

  • Coming down onto your knees

  • Inhale slowly bring your hip down to your heels

  • Exhale rest your chest onto your knees and rest your stirn on ground if possible

  • Bring your arms toward your body

3. Dangling ( Yin Yoga)

It releases the tension from upper body, head and shoulders if you are suffering from anxiety and stress. Focusing on letting it all go by hanging upside down will help you to find the stillness your body and mind needs. Also, this pose can help you to get rid of lower back trouble and get rid of the overwhelmed feeling as well.

How to do:

  • Simply stand up with the feed hip-width apart, you may bend your knees and you slowly fold forward.

  • Hold your opposite elbows with the hands and relax. Stay in the pose for 2 to 3 minutes and to come out you bend your knees a little bit more,

  • Release your hands to the ground and slowly, vertebrae by vertebrae, you roll up to standing

4. Happy baby pose:

In yoga, this move is recommended for relief of stress and fatigue, to calm and center you. You have probably watched your baby grab its toes and play with them, perhaps envying that simple motion and sense of wonder. Grabbing your toes as a baby does brings you back to the flexible spine you had as a baby, as well as bring your mind to the innocent and careless mind of baby

You deserve such simple treat for yourself after a busy day; You are enough with serving peaple around you. Now, simply do NOTHING but enjoy the STRETCH from all the responsibilities and the to-do list.

How to do:

  • Lie on your back and find a neutral spine position where the natural curves of your spine are present but not exaggerated.

  • Bring your knees toward your chest. As you bring your knees up, keep your hip sockets soft so that your legs come up but your hips stay down. Keep your neutral spine with your tailbone on the mat

  • Flex your feet and show the soles of your feet to the ceiling.

  • Wrap your first two fingers around your big toes and pull lightly down. Your feet stay flat to the ceiling but your hips release allowing your knees to come closer to your chest as you relax. You can also bring your hands up to the outside of the foot and grasp the foot around the arch.

  • Take your time and breathe deeply. Enjoy the easy stretch in your hamstrings.

  • Let your back relax into the floor—don't push it down, just allow it to release naturally. Be a happy baby.

5. Supine Butterfly ( Yin Yoga)

You may feel stucked sometimes from relentless, ongoing, monotonous, exhausting moments. In that frustration, thoughts get away from you. Then those feelings start pouring in... not good enough, broken, unworthy, why did I even get married and have kids?!...

It means that you should give yourself of ''letting go'' moment. You let go of the judgments and let go all the goal, the commitment, expectation that you normally set up to make your day or your family members's day perfect.

Doing this supine butterfly pose allow yourself to release all the stagnant from your body and emotion, use bolster or blocks to support your knees so that you can hold it on 3-5 minutues to receive all the benefits of the pose.

How to do:

  • Start lying on your back on the floor or on bed

  • Bend your knees placing feet on the floor hip distance apart with knees stacked directly above ankles

  • Make a diamond shape with your legs as you join your feer together


- Feet can be placed on block

or knee can be placed on the bolster

- Pelvis and ankles can be bound with a strap

I know it, Moms, you love your family a lot, that's why we need to fill our cup with relaxed, and joyful moments, not only stressed moments before serving other cups. I am sure that you have those moments that you love and cherish, those moments that are full of happiness, gratitude and joy. We are here to learn how to create more of those moments.

We are here to create our Empowered Motherhood and live a life full of the moments we desire to live. Join our secret Facebook group to receive daily tips and tricks to empower for your motherhood.

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