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Spring- time to dance with the sun!!!

The sun finally shines after long winter, brightening some robust yellow roses in my balcon.

April is here, it’s now, and it seems as though many, including myself, are oscillating from disoriented to hopeful, and at times at a rather violent speed, as spring energy is raising now

All the more reason for us to take some time to move.

Move through that dull dark winter days ..., and keep moving till you feel it the warmness of the sun.

Move like the bee, greeting the sun and the flower with their own dance melody in the garden.

Move like the birds, flying back from far North to establish a new life on the sunny and warm space, or finding their old house from last season.

MOVE different way - Yesterday I had a wonderful walk - mindful walking with my boy in the nature, still the same route as usual but I suddenly realized so much more wonders - many yellow shining flowers and white cherry flowers as well, even small purple tiny flowers on the ground, the variety songs of birds singing...I was amazed with the beauty cosmos of life just by naturally noticing the miracle of surroundings.

I decided to MOVE as well , which I come with a brand new domain name for my website ! Yayyyy!!! Not only designed as a yoga studio, but with higher ambition through different new healing journeys on future - designed for you, for me, for us, for eveyone …April 2021; as the new name

''Spring is waiting, watching, wishing

Wake up slowly, wake up softly

Wake up from your winter slumber

As the sun gives their love and kindness

one by one, each seed beneath the soil begins to bravely blossom

Just like you

slowly, steadily, bravely up and up move toward the blue sky

No limit

No guru.

It has to be you'

Move as the way you are''

If you would love to move and dance with the sun, I invite you join this practise Yin Yang Flow:

Hope you enjoy the video and love to see you soon on the next journey

Om Shanti

Love and Gratitute

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