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How do meditation and healing sounds affect brainwave frequencies??

a) What is brainwave frequencies?

Our brain waves pulsate and oscillate at particular frequencies that can be measured, just like sound waves, in cycles per second (or hertz). Therefore the rhythms of sound and states of consciousness are very closely related. Brain wave rhythms can be generally corresponded to the following states of awareness:

Gamma: 25 – 100 Hz

Experiments on Tibetan Buddhist monks have shown that there is a correlation between

transcendental mental states and gamma waves. What meditation masters have in common is the ability to put the brain into a state in which it is maximally sensitive and briefly consumes power at a lower (or even zero) rate. The “Zero power hypothesis” suggests that the lower power states may correspond to a “selfless” state and that the more typical, nonzero tate, in which gamma is not so prominent, corresponds to a state of empirical self.

Beta (from 14 to 20 Hz): normal waking state on activities of external world

We are in a Beta frequency when we are wide awake. This is normally the state we live in

day-to-day, from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep. This frequency range

predominantly focuses our attention on our external, physical realities. Chemicals which

stimulate this brainwave activity include nicotine, caffeine and amphetamines.

Alpha (from 8 to 13 Hz): daydream with a state of light meditation

Alpha waves are associated with relaxed states of consciousness, wherein we don’t process much information. We are in alpha when we first get up in the morning and just before we go to sleep. When we close our eyes, our brains automatically start producing alpha waves. This state is associated with light meditation, where with eyes closed and in a relaxed state of mind, we can easily slip into a meditative state. Alpha waves are also used during hypnoses to re-program ordinary mental consciousness.

As noted, when we are relaxed with our eyes closed, we can gently slip into a light

meditative state, while maintaining passive awareness. Creativity, daydreaming and healing

are also associated with this frequency, when we are vibrating in tandem with the harmonic frequency of the earth. Natural bodily chemicals such as endorphins are released in this state. Therapeutic sound stimulates this frequency and is a means to heal the body, transform the self, see through the illusion of life and realize the true nature of reality.

Theta (from 4 to 7 Hz): state of high creativity or deep meditation and sleep

Theta waves are associated with drowsy sleep (somnolence), the onset of sleep and

conscious awareness of the external environment. This frequency is also associated with

deep states of meditation, peace and calm, all of which promote healing. In Theta, we can

access deep creativity and tranquility.

Delta (from 0.5 to 3 Hz): state of deep sleep or unconsciousness

This frequency is associated with deep dreamless sleep (or non-REM sleep), where we are

physically unaware and unconscious. 75% to 80% of sleep occurs in this brainwave

frequency. This is the slowest band of the brainwaves. It has also been found that healing

can occur in Delta when we are completely unconscious. We can also enter Delta through

deep states of Theta. The message of Delta is that it is necessary to slow down in order to

speed up.

b) How do healing sounds affect brainwave frequencies?

The rhythm stimulation or specific healing frequencies affect the electrical activity in various sensory and motor areas of the brain, build internal energy and have a self-soothing effect. These healing sounds can shift the tempo of the heart rate and respiration as well. As these body rhythms shift, the brain wave rhythms follow suit, which can result in the first steps toward an altered state of consciousness. It is also believed that the frequency Alpha- Theta bandwidth is the optimum frequency for healing, that we try to entrain healing tools frequencies with brainwave frequencies to reach that bandwidth, creating a relaxing state, mediation and stress reducing and wellness healing.

Alpha-Theta Border: 7.8 Hz

It is believed that this frequency is the optimum frequency for healing. At the Alpha–Theta

border, you are in two worlds at once. You are in a deep, meditative state, and deeply

attuned to the earth in the 7.8 cps. You are also passively aware and have the natural ability

to heal and connect in with other beings, the earth and higher spiritual forces. Therapeutic sound tools or meditation allow us to enter into this brainwave frequency and, as noted, they have been used by ancient cultures for this purpose for many thousands of years.

When we can enter this brainwave border, we can receive a dozen of benefits from meditation as well. Find out it here:

Source: Sound Academy

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