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How to get 20 Minutes a day for yourself- ME time, not always MOM time!!!


'' You don’t have enough time for everything. You feel like you struggle with spending time with your kids and doing activities but also struggle with having time for yourself''

''You struggle doing anything for yourself because you can’t seem to make the time. You just don’t feel like there’s anytime''.

It 's real, yes, me too... we seem to have no time for ourself as a Mom. The kiddos schedule is taking up all our space and energy, makes us feel drained sometimes.

But we can't ask for another hour for ourself, we all have the same 24 hours a day and we really should use it wisely.

Instead of complaining about having ''no time at all'' , why shouln't we think a bout '' little bit is better than nothing''

Where to start to get 20 Minutes for yourself?

We all start from nothing. From the though of '' no time at all'', we need to shift our mind to another direction, not always toward the death end of road, but the spacious road of other side.

How much time do you use for your social media, reading news?

How much time do you need to travel to work?

How much time do you watch a Tv?

How much tme do you use for shopping?

How much time do you use for cooking?

How much time do you play with your kids?

Can you try to spend less than 2 minutes from every activities of your day?

Ok, let's start from 1 minute extracting from all your activities a day tomorrow to see if you have 5 Minutes more a day for yourself

And then increase to 2, 3, 4, 5 Minutes on the next day

I am quite pretty sure that you can have at least 5-20 Minutes a day only for you, Moms.

If it works for you, head up to our private Facebook group, where we can share some small win for our day together to receive more support and encouragement on your motherhood

How to use 20 Minutes wisely?

Here is few activities that you can do during your ME TIME


  • Stretch your body- Move with ease by doing some quick and short yoga poses anytime you need with chair or just on the carpet playground of your kids

  • If you work away from home, you can also benefit from yoga by using your lunch break to do simple poses, or directly on your chair .This is a convenient way for busy moms to practice yoga.

  • A great time to practice yoga at home for moms is when your kids fall asleep. Although you might have other plans for this time, you can still manage to fit yoga in your schedule because it takes less than 15 minutes for quick stretch

  • Do Yoga with affirmation : set an Intention of any theme that you would love to boost your energy. Would love to learn more about how to create affirmation aligned with your goals.


Tips for ME Time:

  • Make sure that your babies are safe, and know that they will be okay.

  • Sandwich this time between together time.

  • Communicate expectations with your kiddos.

  • Stay firm with this boundary.

You need that ME TIME much more than anyone, Moms. You need to fill your cup full before serving all your beloved ones. YOU WILL ALL BE THANKSFUL THAT YOU DID.

Join our Facebook Group Blissful YOGI MOMS-KIDS :

to share any experience with your ME TIME with hashtag #just20minutes #metime. We are happy and exciting to hear any small win that you get, MOMS.

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