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What is 3B? Breath, Break and Behave

Emotional tension is easily caught up for most of the Moms due to household overwhelm, kids messy playing…Yes I got you, Mama. You are overworking and overdoing from work to home. You are drowning in stress. You know Mamas, sometimes not doing anything is the best thing we can do. Non-action is already something. Whenever your emotional tension is raising up due to any kind of overwhelm or overdoing. We should slow-down our mind and get some quick mindful meditation: BREATH, BREAK AND BEHAVE

BREATH: Take a deep breath in, and let it out as slowly as possible. Slow out-breaths activate the calm and connected centers in the autonomic nervous system.

BREAK: Take a break, pause from acting anything. Instead of quickly reacting to situation like yelling at a naughty kids or immediately comforting a crying baby, using this break to observe your child, see the situation, see your options.

BEHAVE. Then (and only then) Start to behave . Start listening, start thinking about what is appropriate here, start trying something different. And most of all, start accepting that you don’t have to get it right.

It could be doing nothing here, and it is all good. Sometimes, do nothing is the best option that we should do.

Mindful meditation for the family. Why not?

How often do you use your phone while being with your kids, Moms?

Mindful Mom is all start from small thing like that, instead of looking into your phone while listening to your kids' story at school, simply being there, totally being there to listen them from the bottom of your heart.

Use your short walk and playing time with your kids are great opportunity to do mindful meditation too. Simply be there, 100 percent be present with any moment, show them how wonderful and miracle the nature is, tell them any beautiful stories of Mother Nature…

We’re so close to Earth that sometimes we forget how beautiful it is. Using your breath to be a vehicle to bring you back to present, whenever your mind is chasing the idea of past or future projects.

Breathing in, you know you are breathing in. You bring all your attention to your in-breath. As you breath in, there is peace and harmony in the whole body.

As you breath out, you know you are breathing out. As you breath out, there is calming, relaxation and letting go of any sorrow and frustration of family or work things.

You can even teach your kiddos how to be present and enjoy life with mindful meditation. Most of the kids are learnt by imitating their Moms’ behaviour. That’s why you are so powerful Moms, you can plant a happy and peaceful seeds on your kids’ s garden by starting a healthy, peaceful and happy routine for the family.

Meditation (10-15 Minutes) before your child’ wake up time is also the good option to calm your mind and start a day with more clarity and awareness.

Or spending 10-15 Minute at the end of a day (just after the night bedtime stories of your kids), next to their bed to meditate will bring calmness, relaxation and peaceful ambiance for you and your kids, helping both sleeping better on a meditative way.

If you would love to receive mindful meditation for the family, please join our FB group

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